Ethernet I/O Modules

Acromag's Ethernet I/O Modules for Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP I/O, and Profinet products offer a variety of solutions for remote I/O, distributed process control, and factory automation applications. An analog and discrete Ethernet I/O module interfaces sensors and actuators to controllers with Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet/IP CIP™ protocol network communication.

Ethernet I/O Continued

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EtherNet/IP (Ethernet Industrial Protocol) is traditional Ethernet combined with an industrial application layer protocol targeted to industrial automation. This application layer protocol is the Control and Information Protocol (CIP). EtherNet/IP was created in an attempt to overcome the shortcomings of traditional IEEE 802.3 Ethernet as applied to the industrial automation world. Acromag offers a variety of options to fit your needs: Ethernet Analog I/O, Ethernet Digital I/O, Ethernet Multi-Function I/O, and Ethernet Switches and Converters.

4 Series of Ethernet I/O Solutions to Choose From

Network I/O Whitepapers

As your I/O experts, Acromag is here to help! Below are three of our most popular application notes and whitepapers related to our Ethernet I/O products. Find more application notes, white papers and support here: