Acromag Software

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ModelPart Number / RevisionDescription

AcroPack Software
AP570mil-std-1553-linux-bsp-13.7.01AcroPack APA70 Linux board support package
AP570mil-std-1553-VxWorks-VxBus-BSP-13.2.0AcroPack AP570 VxWorks board support package
AP570mil-std-1553_Windows-bsp_13.7.0AcroPack AP570 Windows board support package
APA7-EDK9500495EAcroPack APA7 board support package
APSW-API-LNX9500491EAcroPack Linux Libraries
APSW-API-VXW9500490GAcroPack VxWorks software support package
APSW-API-WIN9500488FAcroPack Windows software support package
APZU-EDK9500533AAcroPack APZU board support package

Ethernet I/O Software
900EN Ethernet Switch9500264T
9xxEN-6xxxEDSEDS Ethernet/IP
ESW-MBLIB9500370CEthernet Modbus TCP
EtherStax Series9500382CModbus Copy Utility
NT SeriesFWUPDATE_REV_H9500537 Firmware Update
NT Series9500540ANTE_Series.EDS – Ethernet IP EDS
XT USB9500465DXT USB Config Software
XTxxx2-000 ModelsEthernet IP EDS
XTxxx3-00 ModelsProfinet GSDML

Industry Pack Software
IP-EP-EDK9500383DIndustry Pack
IPSW-A7VME-VXW9500522CVxWorks for A7VME Industry Pack modules
IPSW-API-LNX9500256XLinux Libraries for Industry Pack modules
Support for Linux Kernel 5.18.16-200 Class 1
IPSW-A7VME-WIN9500496AWindows Configuration Software for Industry Pack modules
IPSW-API-VXW9500176VVxWorks Configuration Software for Industry Pack modules
IPSW-API-WIN9500330JWindows Configuration Software for Industry Pack modules

Modbus-RTU Software
9xxMB Config9500199JModbus BusWorks Configuration Software

Panel Meter Software
APM765 Series3.3Panel Meter – Meterview
VPM2000Display Wizard LP
VPM3000Display Wizard

PMC & XMC Software
PCISW-API-WIN9500280PWindows Software Support for XMC, PMC, PCI, cPCI
PCISW-API-LNX9500257ALLinux Libraries for XMC, PMC, PCI, cPCI,
Linux Kernel 5.18.16-200 Class 1
PMCSW-API-VXW9500177AFVxWorks Libraries for XMC, PMC, PCI, cPCI
PMC-LX/SX-EDK9500272DEngineering Design Kit
PMC-SLX150-EDK9500436FEngineering Design Kit
PMC-VLX/VSX-EDK9500384GEngineering Design Kit
XMC-7KA-EDK9500483BEngineering Design Kit
XMC-SLX-EDK9500387CEngineering Design Kit
XMC-VLX-EDK9500386CEngineering Design Kit

900PB Series9500261DGSD Files

Signal Conditioners Software
800 Series9500124SIntelliPack 800 Series Configuration Software
Agility 9500481MAndroid Config Tool
Agility9500482CiOS Config Tool
DT Series9500527AConfiguration Software
ST Series9500432EWindows Configuration Software
SP200 Series9500512BWindows Configuration Software
SP300 Series9500460LWindows Configuration Software
TT200 Series9500459NWindows Configuration Software
TT300 Series9500460LWindows Configuration Software

VME Software
IPSW-VME-LNX9500474BLinux example libraries for TSI148 Chipset
IPSW-VME-WIN9500473AWindows software support for TSI148 Chipset

Board Support Packages
VPX6600-BSP-VXW9500494BVP6600 VxWorks Board Support Package
XCOM-6400-BSP-VXW9500493EXCOM-6400 VxWorks Board Support Package
XVME-6510_6700-BSP-LNX9500486GXVME-6510_6700 Linux Board Support Package
XVME-6500_6700-BSP-VXW9500487EXVME-6500_6700 VxWorks Board Support Package
XVME-6500_6700-BSP-WIN9500492CXVME-5600_6700 Windows Board Support Package