Warranty Details

Acromag is one of the finest producers of electronic equipment in our industry. Our 60-plus years of design and manufacturing experience enables us to anticipate potential problems and eliminate them before a product is sold. Our manufacturing facility is well-known as one of the best in the industry. We employ ISO9001:2000, AS9100, and IPC610 Class II practices, as well as our internal quality controls.

Acromag strives to produce products that are free from defects to give the end user years of trouble-free service. To support our quality claims, Acromag backs them up with a rock-solid warranty.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects and general failures but is contingent upon proper use of the equipment, and does not cover equipment that has been modified or subjected to abusive physical or electrical stresses from ESD, surge.

Products that fail to perform as specified within two (2) year after the date of shipment. This covers all products sold by Acromag.

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