Digital panel meters are devices that display a digital reading of an analog signal from a sensor or instrument. They are commonly used in a variety of industrial and scientific applications to provide a convenient way to monitor and display process variables such as temperature, pressure, flow, and more.

Digital panel meters can be configured to accept a wide range of input signals, including 4-20mA current loops, thermocouples, RTDs (resistance temperature detectors), and other types of analog signals. They typically have a display that shows the current reading in numerical form, and may also have additional features such as min/max or average value display, alarms, and data logging.

One of the main advantages of digital panel meters is their low cost and ease of use. They are relatively simple devices that can be easily installed and configured, making them a popular choice for many applications. They are also highly accurate and reliable, and can be used to monitor and control processes in real-time.

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    VPM2000 Series: Loop-Powered Isolator / Alarm with Display

    • Loop-powered Process Meter
    • 4-20mA input/output
    • Solid-state relays
    • Non-incendive, intrinsically safe
    These loop-powered 1/8 DIN digital panel meters provide a convenient and informative display of any 4-20mA signal. A dual line display shows the process value on the top line and the units or a tag on the bottom line. Alternatively, you can display the input in one scale on the top line (e.g. height) and another scale on the bottom (e.g. volume). Click here to watch a short video highlighting the VPM2000 Series.
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    VPM3000 Series: Universal Transmitter / Alarm with Display

    • Big, bright display
    • 4-20mA, ±10V, thermocouple, or RTD input
    • 4-20mA, Modbus serial, or alarm relay output options
    Acromag VPM3000 Vertu™ digital panel meters are among the most versatile on the market and able to operate as a transmitter and/or alarm to satisfy a wide variety of process and temperature applications. Learn more about the VPM3000 by watching this short video.
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    APM765 Series: Universal Input with Alarm Panel Meter

    • Universal input
    • Isolated 4-20mA and Modbus output options
    • Push-button or PC programmable,
    • 85-265V AC or 90-265V DC power, optional 12-24V AC or 12-36V DC power
    The APM765 displays data collected from process current, DC voltage and temperature inputs. Several output options convert the display into a transmitter with proportional 4-20mA output or a serial communication interface.
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    Digital Display Panel Meter Accessories

    • Plastic enclosure
    • Pipe-mount kit
    • Cables
    • Adapters
    Select from a variety of of panel meter accessories.  
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