CompactPCI (cPCI) Boards for Embedded Computing

Acromag CompactPCI boards are well-suited for COTS, military and aerospace projects for harsh environments. Many models are available for a variety of analog and digital I/O functions. These modules offer an unmatched balance of performance, features, and price for the best value in CompactPCI I/O.  

CompactPCI - Continued

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Our CompactPCI boards are based on technology and circuit designs with time-tested reliability in thousands of installations.

We use only the best high-performance parts to ensure your CompactPCI boards can withstand the demands of military, aerospace, and manufacturing applications.

Most models are available with extended temperature ranges for reliable operation in harsh environments.

Acromag products are also designed for the long life cycles required for OEM and defense projects.

We also provide a variety of software development tools to simplify the implementation of Acromag I/O modules. Function libraries provide many example routines to help integrate Acromag’s I/O with your application code and establish communication to your other embedded computer boards.

PMCSW-API-VXW: VxWorks® software support package
PCISW-API-WIN: 32-bit and 64-bit Windows® DLL Driver software package
PCISW-API-LNX: Linux™ support (website download only)