In 2017, we celebrated our 60th Anniversary

Acromag 60 years logo

Acromag’s vision began in 1957 with our founder Henry Patton, a pioneer in the development of solid-state magnetic amplifiers. Through the decades, Acromag has continued with new concepts and ideas for a constant state of improvement. Today Acromag is a multi-million dollar international company serving manufacturing, military, transportation, utilities, and scientific research industries.

Process Instrumentation Innovations

1960s – Acromag designed and manufactured temperature transmitters and thermo-electric metal testers
1970s – Rack-mount I/O systems and field-mount transmitters
1980s – Remote data acquisition systems
1990s – µP-based signal conditioners
2000s – Distributed I/O
2010s – USB-configured instruments
2020s – Expandable Ethernet I/O modules

Embedded Bus Board Innovations

1980s – Exorbus and VMEbus I/O Boards
1990s – Industry Pack modules and carrier cards
2000s – PMC modules, PCI and CompactPCI I/O boards, reconfigurable FPGA modules
2010s – XMC modules, VPX boards, industrial PCs
2020s – Embedded computers, AcroPack mPCIe-based I/O modules

Acromag's History 1950 to 2000