XMC High-Performance FPGA, XMC Ethernet, and XMC Carrier Cards

XMC modules provide a rugged, embedded computing platform for high-speed data communication in military/defense, aerospace, and research lab systems. The XMC board is the same size as the PMC board, however, XMC utilizes the PCIe bus that is native on many CPU boards and eliminates the need for a PCIe to PCI bridge chip. Combined with the selection of x1, x4, x8 or x16 serial lines, XMC enables the board designer to achieve higher bandwidth. Some military designers prefer the Serial RapidIO® (SRIO) bus instead of PCIe. SRIO is commonly used in high bandwidth, low latency applications to connect clustering networks of peer to peer embedded processors. Its topology allows for functional partitioning into field replaceable units and is also well suited for hot-swap applications. XMC modules, XMC FPGA boards, and XMC carrier cards will continue to deliver high performance and savings in mature, well-characterized systems that depend on accurate, reliable data input such as defense, aerospace, and scientific applications. Both PMC and XMC are particularly well suited to durable operation in harsh environments, including situations that see extended temperature ranges and exposure to extreme weather conditions. As other promising standards come and go, PMC and XMC standards provide a stable proven platform where the challenges are better understood, product life-cycles are longer, and budgets are tighter. PMC and XMC I/O modules will continue to provide dependable results from a wide selection of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) options at reasonable prices.