BusWorks XT Series Ethernet I/O Modules

BusWorks® XT Series for low channel-count applications

Busworks Ethernet I/OEach module processes I/O signals on up to sixteen channels and features dual Ethernet ports, as well as pluggable front-facing terminals, for more convenient wiring. This arrangement allows daisy-chaining of modules to simplify installation and minimize switch requirements to reduce cost.

  • Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP, or Profinet communication
  • Easy USB configuration
  • Supports rail power bus
  • PriorityChannel™ technology inside

i2o® Peer-to-Peer Communication
Input channels on one unit can write directly to output channels on another unit without a host controller in between.


BusWorks XT1110 16-Channel Discrete I/O
16-Ch Discrete I/O
Sinking Outputs

BusWorks XT1120 16-Channel Discrete I/O
16-Ch Discrete I/O
Sourcing Outputs

BusWorks XT1210 8-Channel Current Input
Differential Analog
8-Ch Current Input

BusWorks XT1220 8-Channel Voltage Input
Differential Analog
8-Ch Voltage Input

BusWorks XT1230 16-Channel Current Input
Single-Ended Analog
16-Ch Current Input

BusWorks XT1240 16-Channel Voltage Input
Single-Ended Analog
16-Ch Voltage Input

BusWorks XT1530 Multifunction I/O
4-Ch Analog Current Output
4-Ch Discrete I/O

BusWorks XT1540 Multifunction I/O
8-Ch Analog Voltage Output
4-Ch Discrete I/O

BusWorks XTA-120V Relay Module
6-Ch Solid-State
Relay Input

BusWorks XTA-MRNO Relay Module
6-Ch Mechanical
Relay Output

BusWorks XT Ethernet I/O Brochure

BusWorks XT
Ethernet Catalog

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