Signal Conditioners, Process Transmitters, and Converters

Process signal conditioners and process signal transmitters isolate, filter, amplify, and convert sensor signals to 4-20mA current or 0-10V signals for interfacing with controllers and other instrumentation. Select from 2-wire loop-powered 4-20mA transmitters, or 4-wire AC/DC-powered transmitters. Acromag offers 3- and 4-wire models with 4-20mA transmitters or voltage transmitters. DIN-rail and field-mount versions are available. Process transmitter configuration is easy with Windows® software, pushbuttons, switches, or pots for span/zero settings, depending on the series.  

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    APM765 Series: Universal Input with Alarm Panel Meter

    • Universal input
    • Isolated 4-20mA and Modbus output options
    • Push-button or PC programmable,
    • 85-265V AC or 90-265V DC power, optional 12-24V AC or 12-36V DC power
    The APM765 displays data collected from process current, DC voltage and temperature inputs. Several output options convert the display into a transmitter with proportional 4-20mA output or a serial communication interface.
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Signal Conditioners, Transmitters and Converters Continued

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Acromag high-performance signal conditioner products include process transmitters4-20mA signal isolatorslimit alarmssignal splitters, and math computation modules. These products isolate, amplify, filter, condition, and convert measured signals from sensors and other instruments. The enhanced signal is ready for interfacing to your PLC, DCS, display, recorder, or other process control instrumentation.

Temperature transmitters convert thermocouple, RTD, and low-level temperature sensor signals to 4-20mA, 0-10V, or other DC voltage/current outputs. Acromag offers temperature transmitters in head-mount and DIN-rail form factors. Some temperature transmitters have software-configured universal input to convert a broad range of temperature sensor and other signals with a single unit.

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Signal Conditioning Functions:

  • Signal converter, linearizer, averager
  • Integrator, totalizer
  • Pulse counter, frequency measurement
  • Arithmetic calculation, Boolean logic
  • Limit alarm relay trip, window range, deviation, rate-of-change, peak/valley detection

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