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Software interface packages simplify configuration of PC-programmable signal conditioners.

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    800C-SIP: IntelliPack Configuration Software

    • Configuration Software
    • USB-to-RS232 Adapter
    • RS232-to-RJ11 Adapter
    • Interface Cable
    Acromag’s configuration software is the key to the IntelliPack’s easy-to-use operation. The software employs the friendly Windows® interface with pull-down selection menus and fill-in-the-blank fields to speed you through a few brief configuration screens. No programming is required.
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    Agility™ Config Tool (Tethered)

    • Tethered Agility™ Config Tool mobile application
    • For Acromag SP Series Signal Splitters and most TT Series Transmitters
    • Download available on Google Play for free.
    • Download Windows configuration software from the software tab below.
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    Agility™ Config Tool (Wireless)

    • Wireless Agility™ Config Tool mobile application
    • For Acromag microBlox I/O Modules and Limit Alarms
    • Download available on Google Play and iTunes for free
    • Download Windows configuration software from the software tab below
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    microBlox® multiLogger Data Logging Mobile App

    The Acromag microBlox® multiLogger collects data from one or more uB series data acquisition modules. With this data logger app, you can:
    • Log data from up to 14 microBlox signal conditioning devices simultaneously.
    • Scale inputs in custom engineering units to correspond with the native output range.
    • View real-time data or trend charts for quick field diagnostics and easy troubleshooting.
    • Save data logs and share via email or iCloud.
    • Download on iTunes or Google Play
    Watch this short video to learn more about how the multiLogger works.
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    • Configuration software
    • USB isolator
    • Two USB cables
    • One kit recommended per customer
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    TTC-SIP: Software

    • Software Interface Package for Acromag DT, ST, TT Series Transmitters and SP, uBSP Series Signal Splitters.
    • Includes configuration sofware CD-ROM (5040-xxx), isolator (USB-ISOLATOR) and two USB cable (4001-112, 4001-113) (Recommend one kit per customer.)
    • Easy setup and digital calibration via USB with Windows configuration software.
    • Download the configuration software only - from the Software Tab
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