How to Monitor a Remote Geothermal Steam Well for Power Generation – 8400965

Defining the Problem:

Operations at a remote geothermal steam well are monitored by a PLC from the power plant. C&I personnel need to transmit conditions from the wellsite to the control room 2km away. A wireless communications network is available for Ethernet remote I/O. The modules can be installed at the wellsite for telemetry purposes.

System Requirements:

Remote communication via a 951EN-6012 Ethernet/IP module to an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix™ PLC. They need to monitor three discrete inputs and two analog inputs. One Acromag® 951EN-6012 combination I/O module will accept these five inputs and report over the wireless network back to the PLC.

Implementing the Solution:

1. Refer to the Acromag CompactLogix™ application note, the RSLogix™ 5000 software can be configured to discover the I/O module. An EDS file is available on Acromag’s website from the 951EN-6012 product page, to create the module profile.

Download PDF below for complete application note.

Featured Product:

951EN-6012: Ethernet/IP Combo Module, 4 current inputs, 2 current outputs, 6 discrete I/O

Why Acromag:

One combination module for all I/O requires only one IP Address and makes set-up and installation easy and fast. The 900EN Series Ethernet/IP products can communicate with both Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP simultaneously. This offers more versatility in the implementation and future use of these devices.


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