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Demo Program: How to Set Up Communications between IDEC HMI and Acromag 965EN


To establish communications between an IDEC HG3G HMI, set up as a Modbus/TCP master, and Acromag’s 965EN Remote I/O, set up as a Modbus/TCP slave.

IDEC HMI SetupHow to Set Up Communications between HMI and Remote I/O Demo

Projects for IDEC’s HG3G series of HMIs are created with WindO/I-NV2 software. To begin with, create a new program:

  1. click on the Application Menu button in the top left-hand corner of the software
  2. select New – Interactive Quick Start.

The software will prompt you to enter a file name for your project. Specify the directory in which you’d like to save the project, as well as the file name and click the Next button.

The next step is to select which IDEC HMI is being used. In our example, we’re using the HG3G. Select HG3G/HG4G underneath O/I Type and click the Next button.

Now we need to specify which communication driver and protocol are being used for communications. In this case, we are communicating via Modbus/TCP. Underneath Manufacturer, select Modicon. Underneath Protocol, select Modbus/TCP Client, since we’re setting the HMI up as the Modbus/TCP Master.

Because we’re only communicating to one remote I/O module, we can leave the Connection setting as 1:1 Communication. If we were communicating to multiple remote I/O modules, then we would select 1:N Communication. Click the Next button to continue.

This will bring up the Project Settings dialog box. Click on the Communication Interface tab, then click on Ethernet underneath Interface Configuration. This is where we’ll set up the IP Address and Subnet Mask, as well as the Default Gateway for the Ethernet port on the HMI.


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Download PDF for complete How to Set Up Communications between HMI and Remote I/O Demo.