How to Communicate with Modbus/TCP Modules from Ignition Software – 8501121

Setting Up and Communicating with Acromag Series 9xxEN-40xx and XTxxx1-xxx Modbus/TCP Modules and EtherStax™ Modbus/TCP from Ignition Software

This document illustrates a procedure for configuring OPC tags intended for Acromag BusWorks® Series Modbus/TCP modules using Windows software from Inductive Automation. It is assumed that the user has a working knowledge of OPC, Modbus TCP, and Ignition software.

Product Features:

Configuring Modbus/TCP Connection on Ignition Webpage

Communicating with Ignition Software

  1. From the CONFIGURE tab, select Devices under OPC-UA SERVER, and select Create new Device.
  2. In the Add Device Step1, select Modbus TCP as shown in the example, and click [OK].
  3. In the New Device, window enter the Name and Description of the BusWorks® module. Next, enter the IP address of the module in the Hostname box. In the example at left, the IP Address of the module is, but this will vary depending on the address of your network’s addressing scheme.
    Next, select Create New Device.
    While able to create OPC tags in the web browser, this application note will show you how to add and manipulate tags in Ignition Designer.

Adding and Configuring BusWorks Device Tags in Ignition Designer

  1. Once you launch Ignition Designer, either create a new project or select an existing project.
  2. In the Tag Browser, select the Tag dropdown (as shown on the left) and select OPC Tag.
  3. Enter a description for the data to be read under Name. For analog data, select Float under Data Type. For discrete (digital) signals, select either Boolean or integer. Next, select Ignition OPC-UA Server under OPC Server. Next, enter the Modbus register address under OPC Item Path.


Download PDF for complete application note.