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Monitoring Genset Systems in Standby Mode to Ensure Reliable Backup Power

Defining the Problem:

Gensets generally include control systems that monitor and control the engine functions. Primary functions are; start/stop control, engine speed, operating parameters, and protection/shutdown. As backup systems, gensets may operate less than 100 hours per year. While in the standby mode, it’s critical to monitor and maintain the genset system to prevent a failure-to start condition.

System Requirements:

During standby mode, the battery voltage, fuel level, block heater and transfer switch operation must be monitored. Generally, gensets are installed in remote locations. So a suitable method to transmit conditions during standby-mode, back to an instrument shop, is required. Remote acquisition over an Ethernet LAN is preferred for short to medium distances; while cellular, satellite or cloud services may be required for longer distances. Analog as well as alarm status should be displayed for continuous monitoring in the instrument shop.

How to Monitor Gensets in Standby Mode for Reliable Backup Power

Implementing the Solution by Monitoring Gensets in Standby for Backup Power

  1. The microBlox® uB modules accept many types of inputs, including:
    1. Battery voltage
    2. Low fuel level (4-20mA)
    3. Heater temperature (RTD)
    4. Genset ON/OFF (switched voltage)
  2. Each uB can be set up as either a transmitter (0 to 5V output) or an alarm (0 or 5V output), using Bluetooth® configuration technology
  3. Using i2o:
    1. In the field, the XT1221-000 has 8 VI
    2. At the shop, the XT1541-000 has 8 VO
  4. For i2o, map each VI to a VO. Modbus TCP/IP messages are sent over any Ethernet media

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uB31-B, uB32-B, uB34-B microBlox configured via Bluetooth technology

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Why Acromag:

Acromag offers versatile signal conditioners, providing either transmitter or alarm outputs; as well as easy-to-set-up, fast configuration using the Agility mobile application. Additionally, MicroBlox uB modules offer high performance with wide temperature operation for outdoor applications and vibration/shock ratings for engine monitoring.


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