How to Configure the Wonderware MBENET I/O Server to Communicate with the Acromag 9xxEN Ethernet Modules Application Note

Wonderware MBENET

The purpose of this document is to provide a procedure for configuring MBENET I/O Server (ie: Modicon Ethernet I/O Server) to communicate with an Acromag Series 9xxEN Ethernet I/O Module. It is assumed that the user has a working knowledge of Wonderware and how to link the Wonderware application to the Wonderware I/O driver.

900EN App Note

  1. To establish communication between MBENET I/O Server and Acromag 9xxEN modules, a Topic Definition needs to be created. To create a Topic Definition, open MBENET I/O Server.
  2. In the MBENET window, open the Configure menu, and click on Topic Definition.
    This opens the Topic Definition dialogue box.
  3. In the Topic Definition dialogue box, click the New button.
    This opens the MBENET Topic Definition dialogue box.
    The MBENET Topic Definition dialogue box is where communication settings are defined. Create a Topic Definition as indicated below.
  4. Topic Name
    Create a unique Topic Name that is less than 32 characters long and begins with a letter.
  5. IP Address
    Specify the IP Address that will be used to access the 9xxEN Module.
    Note: The default IP Address for 9xxEN modules is
  6. Dest_Index or Unit ID: Set to 0.
  7. Slave Device Type: In the dropdown box, select 584/984 PLC.
  8. Communication Channels: Verify that the Unsolicited Messages box is not checked.

Download PDF for full instructions.