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How to Communicate to Acromag Ethernet Modules from Red Lion HMIs

Red Lion HMIs

This document illustrates a procedure for configuring message commands for Acromag Ethernet modules using the Red Lion Crimson 2.0 software. It is assumed that the user has a working knowledge of the Crimson 2.0 software, as well as a Red Lion HMI.

Setting up Communications

Acromag Ethernet IO Red Lion APP Note

  1. From a new or existing project, double click on the Communications icon
  2. On the left hand side, select the Ethernet Port. For the Port Mode, select Configured via DHCP or APIPA for a DHCP server. For a fixed IP address, select Manual Configuration.
    For Manual Configuration, enter the appropriate IP Address, Network Mask, and Gateway.
  3. Click on Protocol 1 –Modbus TCP/IP Master. In the Driver Selection section, Click on the Edit… button. Select the Manufacturer Modbus. Select the Driver Modbus TCP/IP Master.
    Right click on the Protocol 1. Select Add Another Device. To change the name of this device, right click on it, and select Rename.
  4. Click on the new device. Under the Device Settings section, check the Enable Device Box to enable the Module. Set your desired poll rate in the Comms Delay Text box.
  5. In the Device Identification section, type in the IP Address of the desired Acromag Ethernet Module. The default Address is and TCP Port of 502.


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