How to Communicate to Acromag Series 9xxEN-60xx Ethernet Modules using PCCC from Compact Logix Devices Application Note

PCCC Messaging with CompactLogix

This document illustrates a procedure for configuring PCCC message commands for Acromag Series 9xxEN Ethernet/IP modules using ladder logic programming and a Compact Logix Controller. It is assumed that the user has a working knowledge of ladder logic programming, the RSLogix5000 software, and the Compact Logix hardware.

Configuring PCCC Messaging Using CompactLogix in Ladder Logix 5000Acromag App Note Configuring PCCC Messaging Using CompactLogix in Ladder Logix 5000

  1. In the Controller Organizer box, double click on MainProgram -> MainRoutine. Next in the Language Element window, click on the Input/Output tab and click the MSG button. This will add a message box to your program. Make sure in the Message Control dropdown menu to select a suitable message tag. After double clicking the message tag, click on the “…” button in the MSG box..
    The Message Configuration window will open.
  2. For a PCCC Read select PLC5 Typed Read as the Message Type. The Source Element is the starting address of the registers to be read. The Destination Element dropdown menu is where the information from the module will be stored. Here you want to select an INT tag array. Make sure the number of array slots is at least equal to the number of elements read.


Download the PDF for complete instructions.