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Acromag PMC FPGA Boards Excel at Image Processing

PMC FPGA Boards Excel at Image Processing

Acromag has engaged in a number of image processing applications based upon implementations of Camera Link running on a Virtex-5 FPGA module. In several of these instances, LVDS signals are used to collect the image data through front and/or rear I/O connections on the PMC FPGA module. Other applications use a custom interface developed for selected imaging devices to capture data through the PMC module’s front and rear I/O interfaces. To select the appropriate FPGA module for image processing applications engineers must consider a number of pertinent criteria.

Finding an appropriate Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) FPGA module for image processing depends on a number of key factors: I/O interface, frame speed, frame size, on-board processing requirements, and host communication speed/volume. The Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA devices found on Acromag’s latest COTS PMC Modules offer blazing 550MHz processing speed and a variety of high-performance memory options that are well-suited to image processing functions.

Table 1: Acromag PMC modules with re-configurable Virtex-5 FPGAs

Model Number Logic Cells Total Block RAM(Kbits) DSP48E Slices DDR2 SDRAM Capacity
(32-bit Word)1
Dual-Port SRAM Capacity
(64-bit Word)2
PMC-VLX85 82,944 3,888 48 32M 256K
PMC-VLX110 110,592 5,328 64 32M 256K
PMC-VLX155 155,648 7,632 128 32M 256K
PMC-VFX70 71,680 5,328 128 64M 256K
PMC-VSX95 94,208 8,784 640 32M 256K

Note 1: Available increments are 32M, 64M, and 128M (contact factory)
Note 2: Available increments are 256K, 512K, and 1024K (contact factory)

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