TECH NOTE: i2o Peer-to-Peer Communication

Acromag i2o® Peer-to-Peer Communication Technology

The easiest way to link remote inputs to output devices without a controller

Many BusWorks XTBusWorks 900EN, and EtherStax I/O modules have the ability to operate like a long-distance transmitter using i2o technology. Reproduce your sensor inputs at Point A as 4-20mA control signals at Point B. Or, monitor a discrete device at one site by reproducing the level with a relay at another location.

  • Transmits data to/from any PLC, DCS, recorder, or display device
  • Reduces wiring costs by interfacing many I/O signals over a single data line without a controller in between

Use Your Existing Ethernet Lines to Save Time and Wiring Expenses

You can connect the input modules to the output modules using your existing network infrastructure or with a single new cable. Multiple I/O modules can be multiplexed through a switch or using wireless radios.

  • Supports wireless, fiber-optic, copper and Internet media networks

Split a Signal for Transmission to Two Different Locations

Need the input data at two remote sites simultaneously? No problem. i2o lets you map an input to two output modules.

No Complicated Controllers. No Software. No Programming.

Acromag’s Ethernet I/O modules have a built-in web page making it simple to configure using your standard web browser. Just click a few menu settings, enter the IP addresses, and you are done.