New Strain Gauge or Load Cell Transmitters Simplify Bridge Sensor Measurements with Easy Software Configuration and Advanced Functions

The new TT351 load cell or strain gauge signal conditioners use software to quickly select from a wide variety of sensor measurement options. A USB port simplifies setup on a Windows PC or Android mobile device with Acromag’s AgilityTM app. Software menus help users set the sensor type, bridge configuration, excitation source, filtering level, and input/output ranges. 

Advanced capabilities let users fine tune scaling of I/O signals, adjust excitation levels, and calibrate the bridge. Universal output supports six ranges including 4-20mA, 0-10V and ±10V. Flexible power accepts a 9-32V DC supply at the terminals and a rail power bus option can supply multiple units from a single connection or establish redundant power. 

TT351: Strain gauge / load cell input • Universal current/voltage output • 9-32V DC local/bus power