TT230, TT330 and TT351 Series USB-Configured Transmitters

The TT Series is a line of space-saving, thin process transmitters and isolators that offer great flexibility. These transmitters offer a convenient USB connection to a PC, precise configuration using Windows® software is simple. DIN-Rail mounts and removable, front-facing wiring terminals for easy connections and maintenance.

TT230 Series Two-Wire Transmitters:
Loop Power, 4-20mA Output

  • TT231: RTD Input
  • TT233: Thermocouple/milliVolt Input
  • TT234: Potentiometer/Thermistor Input
  • TT235: Isolated RTD Input
  • TT236: Current/milliVolt Input
  • TT237: Low-Voltage Input
  • TT238: High-Voltage Input
  • TT239: Frequency/Pulse/PWM Input

TT330 Series Four-Wire Transmitters:
12-32V Isolated Power, Universal Current/Voltage Output

  • TT333: Thermocouple/milliVolt Input
  • TT334: Potentiometer/Thermistor Input
  • TT335: RTD Isolated Input
  • TT336: Current/milliVolt Input
  • TT337: Low-Voltage Input
  • TT338: High-Voltage Input
  • TT339: Frequency/Pulse Input

TT351 Four-Wire Transmitters:
9-32V DC Local/Bus Power, Universal Current/Voltage Output

  • TT351 Strain Gauge/ Load Cell Input Transmitter
  • Converts a four or six wire strain gauge bridge, load cell or milliVolt sensor signal to an isolated voltage or current output signal.

TT Series Features and Benefits

  • Inputs: Current, Voltage, Thermocouple, RTD, Potentiometer/Thermistor, Frequency/Pulse, AC Current, Strain Gauge/Load Cell
  • Easy PC/Windows Configuration Via USB
  • Easy Android Device Configuration Via USB with the Agility™ Configuration App
  • No External Adjustments
  • Sinking and Sourcing Current Output
  • Bipolar Output: +/-10V, +/-20mA
  • High Speed/High Filter Units
  • Redundant Power
  • 25 G Shock, 4 G Vibration
  • 1500V AC Isolation
  • -40 to +80°C Operating Temperature
  • CE Compliant. Designed For UL/Cul Class I Div. 2 Groups ABCD, ATEX / Iecex Zone 2

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TT Series Input/Output Diagram
Watch this short video that highlights the features of the TT230 Series
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TT Series Isolated Transmitters

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