New microBlox® Series Universal Transmitters with Dual Relay Output Alarms

Acromag’s new uBTA carriers are used with microBlox® signal conditioning modules to create powerful alarms that also provide the convenience of wireless field programming on a smartphone or tablet.

The microBlox uB modules offer a flexible space saving solution for isolating, monitoring and converting industrial sensor signals to interface with your data acquisition or control system. By inserting a uB input module into a single or dual channel carrier, you get a device with both alarm and transmitter capabilities. With a broad selection of uB input modules, you can monitor many different types by simply interchanging modules on the carrier.

Acromag’s Agility® Mobile App allows for wireless data-logging and configuration with our Bluetooth® technology enabled microBlox® uB Modules, allowing you to perform quick and easy field diagnostics and troubleshooting.

microBlox Transmitting Alarm Advantages

  • Single/dual alarms with two independent mechanical or solid state relays up to 5A switching.
  • Transmitter output with 4-20mA and 0-5V signal ranges.
  • Interchangeable input modules for measuring a wide variety of signal types
  • Easy configuration using Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Rugged design for use in harsh environments.

Download the uBTA Overview

Watch a Video Intro of the microBlox® Family