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Product short description:
  • Two alarm relay outputs
  • 0/4-20mA and 0/1-5V transmitter output
  • Bluetooth® wireless configuration

The uBTA carriers are used with Acromag’s microBlox® signal conditioning modules to create powerful alarms that also provide a voltage/current transmitter output. The plug-in modules offer the convenience of wireless field programming on a smartphone or tablet.

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The uBTA carriers are used with Acromag’s microBlox® signal conditioning modules to create powerful alarms that also provide a voltage/current transmitter output. The plug-in modules offer the convenience of wireless field programming on a smartphone or tablet.

The microBlox uB modules offer a flexible space-saving solution for isolating, monitoring, and converting industrial sensor signals to interface with your data acquisition or control system. By inserting a uB input module into the carrier, you get a device with both alarm and transmitter capabilities. With a broad selection of uB input modules, you can monitor many different signal types by simply interchanging modules on the carrier.

Plug-in modules measure current, voltage, thermocouple, or RTD input. Carriers produce a process current and voltage output signal and trip alarm relays if high or low limits are exceeded. Each alarm carrier has two independent relay contacts (either mechanical or solid-state).

Bluetooth wireless technology enables configuration using an Android™ or iOS® mobile device. Acromag’s Agility™ app helps you quickly set input/output ranges and scaling to your specific requirements. It is also fast and easy to configure your alarm setpoints. You can define two high limits, low limits, or window alarms for each relay.

Carriers mount on T-type DIN rails for high-density installation. They can plug together for modular expansion with a shared power connection that is bussed along the DIN rail. Redundant power connection is supported.

These rugged carriers are well-suited for use in harsh industrial environments. They have high immunity to noise, surges, shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. Installation in hazardous locations is also supported with compliance to CE, ATEX, and UL standards.

Performance Specifications

Analog Field Input

Field Range: See specific plug-in uB module used.

Alarm Relay Output

Relay: Two independent relays. Each relay may have its own set-point, dead-band and reverse acting status setting.
Model: uBTA-H-1MR
Type: Two 1 FORM C (SPDT, normally open and normally closed) mechanical relays. 5A, 250V AC, 30V DC
Model: uTBA-H-1SR
Type: Two 1 FORM A (SPST, normally open contacts) solid-state relays. 1A, 200V peak AC/DC

Transmitter Output

Output: Simultaneous 0 to 5V / 1 to 5V, 0 to 20mA / 4 to 20mA


Power: Connect 6-32V DC SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage), up to 3.5W including module. Current draw will be dependent on carrier model, relay type, whether you utilize the transmitter outputs, your plug-in module, and your voltage level. See manual for more details.
Accuracy: Better than ±0.1%, typical
DIN Rail bus connector kit: DIN rail bus connection kit allows plugging enclosures together to share power.


Width: 0.9” (22.5 mm)
Height: 4.51” (114.5 mm)
Depth: 3.90” (99 mm) without uB module, 4.45” (113 mm) with uB module
Weight: 0.35 lbs. (159 Kg)
Shipping weight: 1.0 lbs. (0.454 Kg)
I/O Connectors: Removable plug-in type terminal blocks rated for 5A/250V; AWG #26-14 stranded or solid copper wire.
Case: Self-extinguishing polyamide, UL94 V-0 rated, color light gray. General purpose NEMA Type 1 enclosure.
Circuit Board: Military grade fire-retardant epoxy glass per IPC-4101/98
DIN-Rail Mounting: T-type DIN rails


Operating Temperature: -40 to 75°C (-40° to 158°F)
Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing
Emissions: Class B product with emissions per BS EN 61000-6-3
Approvals: CE compliant. Designed for UL/cUL Class I Division 2 Groups ABCD, ATEX / IECEx Zone 2

  • Dual alarms (hi/hi, lo/lo, hi/lo) with two independent mechanical or solid-state relays
  • Mechanical relays switch 5A at 250V AC, 30V DC
  • Transmitter output with scalable 0-20mA, 4-20mA, and 0-5V signal ranges
  • Interchangeable input modules for measuring a wide variety of signal types
  • Easy configuration using Bluetooth wireless technology with smartphone or tablet running Acromag Agility app for Android® and iOS®
  • High-density mounting with 22.5mm package featuring pluggable, front-facing terminals
  • Supports redundant power sources and clean wiring using integrated rail power bus
  • High accuracy alarm and transmitter output
  • High noise immunity and stability
  • High voltage isolation between input, output, relay contacts, and power
  • All I/O and power ports transient-protected
  • Wide -40 to 75°C operating range
  • CE compliant. UL/cUL Class I Div 2, ATEX / IECEx Zone 2 approvals


uBTA-H-1MR, uBTA-H-1SR, and uBTX-H-1 User Manual (Log in to download the file)

microBlox Reconfiguration User Manual (Log in to download the file)

microBlox Series Overview User Manual (Log in to download the file)

Agility™ Config Tool (Wireless) (Log in to download the file)

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.5 × 5 in
Part Number

XT Bus-Kit: DIN rail bus power connector

Product Series

BusWorks XT Series, XTA Series