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Product short description:
  • 64 LVDS I/O and plug-In I/O modules
  • XC4VSX35 FPGA with up to 34K logic cells and 192 XtremeDSP slices

Acromag’s PMC-SX boards use a high-performance Xilinx® Virtex-4™ FPGA, but maintain a relatively low price point. They are optimized for high-performance digital signal processing to help you build custom pre/post/co-processing hardware or high-performance filters. You can create more than 40 different functions (MACs, multipliers, adders, and muxes).

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Although there is no limit to the uses for Acromag’s FPGA boards, typical applications include sonar and radar processing.

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  • Customizable FPGA (Xilinx Virtex-4 XC4VSX35) withup to 34K logic cells and 192 XtremeDSP™ slices
  • Supports both front and rear I/O
  • Plug-in I/O modules are available for front mezzanine
  • 64 I/O lines supported with direct connection to FPGA via rear (J4) connector
  • FPGA code loads from PCI bus or flash memory
  • 256K x 36-bit dual-ported SRAM
  • 32Mb x 32-bit DDR DRAM
  • Supports dual DMA channel data transfer to CPU
  • Supports both 5V and 3.3V signaling
  • Conduction cooled 0 to 70°C operating range

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 3 in
Part Number

PMC-SX35: 34,560 logic cells


Xilinx Virtex-4

Product Series

Virtex-4 Series

Logic Cells