Rack-mount isolated analog I/O signal conditioning system
               Front-end to data acquisition system
Input modules
               Sensor field input > 0-5/±5V host output
Output modules
               Host input > process V/mA field output
Modern digital technologies
Wireless user-configuration
               Bluetooth technology communication

microBlox features

Commonly used in many industries

Test & Measurement
               Data acquisition with a variety of sensor inputs
Factory Automation
               Mixed signal interface to a PLC
Electrometallurgy Processes
               Smelting, electro-plating, electro-winning, electro-refining
Power Gen and Alt Energy
               Solar arrays
               High-voltage battery cells

Watch a Brief Video Introduction
of the microBlox® Family

Typical microBlox® applications

  • Measurements in the presence of high common mode voltages
  • Bring a mix of input types into a single data acquisition card
  • Protect expensive DAQ/control systems from spikes/surges
  • Frequent insertion/removal of input/output modules