Each channel senses the presence or absence of high-level voltage to determine the status of proximity switches, limit switches, toggle switches, push buttons, contacts, and other devices. Opto-isolators control an open-drain output to safely interface the status of the monitored signal. These modules are very easy to use. Removable front-facing terminal blocks on the module’s top and bottom greatly simplify field wiring. Rugged construction and high density design combine for a very effective I/O solution. These units are ideal for remote monitoring, distributed control, or SCADA applications.

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    XTA-120V-6: Solid-State Relay Input Modules

    • 6 optocoupler channels
    •  120V AC/DC input with optical isolation
    •  Universal 5/12/24V logic output
    The XTA-120V-6 optocoupler module provides six individually isolated 120V AC/DC digital (discrete) inputs to sense on/off levels and drive open-drain outputs. It is intended for use with BusWorks XT Series discrete I/O and other digital input modules to monitor contact closures or mains power supply high/low voltage levels.
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    XTA-MRNO-6: Mechanical Relay Output Modules

    • 6 digital I/O channels
    •  Universal 5/12/24V logic inputs
    •  Form A, 250V AC / 30V DC @ 5A relay outputs
    The XTA-MRNO-6 is an interposing relay module with six digital inputs and six mechanical relay outputs. It is intended for use with BusWorks XT Series discrete I/O or other digital output modules for the purpose of driving high energy loads. This module serves as an interim digital interface to switch high voltage devices at high currents based on digital logic inputs. Each pair of output contacts are individually isolated.
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