Application Programming Interface (API)

Acromag's software development tools greatly simplify the interface between the I/O boards and your application program. Libraries provide easy-to-use C function routines that quickly integrate with your application. The C functions are ready for use “as-is,” but they are also easily customized for your unique application. This powerful program lets you fully exercise the libraries and your hardware before running the actual application. These diagnostics will save you hours troubleshooting and debugging your applications. You can set addresses, set up registers, read real-world inputs, or drive outputs. The demonstration program steps you through the exact functions that are called in your application.

Target any CPU

Acromag provides direct support for VxWorks when using PowerPC, x86 and 68000 CPU boards. The VxWorks C Library includes support for x86 PCI, MV167 and MV2700 CPU boards.  Each library contains detailed information on integrating with the CPU’s Board Support Package (BSP). The libraries also include instructions for implementing this software with other manufacturer’s CPU board BSPs. Use with Industry Pack carriers from third-party board vendors is also supported. The IPSW-API-VXW library package offers support for Acromag carriers. Other carriers are compatible, but require some minor modifications.  Acromag uses a very innovative modular programming technique. This allows new carrier files to be created without affecting any of the complex IP module files or interrupt service routines.

User-Friendly Licensing

Acromag’s VxWorks software libraries are provided with a full site license. This allows anyone at your location to use this software without any additional charges.  Additionally, no run-time license is required either. The VxWorks software libraries include support for the full family of boards or modules, not just certain models unless otherwise noted.

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    PMCSW-API-VXW: VxWorks Libraries

    • VxWorks function libraries for XMC, PMC, PCI and CompactPCI products (except IP carriers)
    • Supports any CPU target with quick modification.
    • API easily convertible for any operating system
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