The AcroExpress® VPX6860 is a high performance 6U OpenVPX™ single board computer based on the 6th Generation Intel® Xeon® processor (formerly Skylake) and PCH. XMC and AcroPack expansion slots add flexibility for on-board FPGA processing, I/O interfaces, and other functions. Designed with numerous I/O connections this board is perfect for COTS applications requiring high-bandwidth computing with low power consumption.

Intel Processor Technologies

Whether you’re looking for a tech refresh to update your legacy systems or starting a new application, the Intel Xeon processor delivers significant performance advancements. Take advantage of the enhanced microarchitecture, integrated graphics, and expanded memory performance. Innovative new technologies yield significant improvements in virtualization, power management, security, and processing speed.
  • Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Enhanced Intel® SpeedStep Technology (EIST)
  • Intel® Virtualization Technology
  • Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (TXT)
  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology
  • Intel® Active Management Technology
  • Intel® Matrix Storage Technology
  • Intel® Configurable TDP Technology
  • Thermal Management


This board accommodates one or two DDR4 ECC SODIMMs, for a total of up to 32GB removable memory. The SODIMMs are firmly attached to the module with screws for easy replacement and surrounded by heat sink material to provide a mechanically and thermally robust mechanism. Two M.2 expansion slots provide on-board data storage capabilities.

Extensive Support

Acromag has more than 60 years of experience working with defense, aerospace, scientific, and industrial applications. We are committed to providing embedded computing solutions with the best long-term value in the industry. These boards are designed and manufactured in the USA with a 2-year warranty and a life expectancy of at least 7 years.

Performance Specifications

AcroExpress Processor & Memory

Processor: Intel Xeon processor (6th generation, codename Skylake). E3-1505M V5: 2.8GHz, quad core, 8Mb cache, 47W. PCIe Gen3 x16. Chipset: Intel CM236 PCH chipset. 4 x PCIe Gen3 x4. Memory: Two SODIMMs. Up to 32GB of 2133MHz DDR4 ECC. Flash Storage: Two M.2 sites (42-80mm). SATA III or PCIe NVME x4 interface. Real Time Clock: RTC has 256 bytes of battery‐backed RAM.

XMC, AcroPack Mezzanine Interface

XMC Interface: One XMC mezzanine site, PCIe x8 Gen 2 or 3. I/O to VPX P3 and P4 per VITA 46.9 P3w3 X38s+P4w1 X12d+X8d. XMC Connectors: P15, P16: VITA 42 or VITA 61 for PCIe Gen 3. AcroPack Interface: One AcroPack/mPCIe site. I/O to VPX P5. AcroPack Connector: Front panel I/O: 50-pin CHAMP.

I/O Interfaces

Ethernet Interfaces: Control plane: Intel i350 Quad Gigabit Ethernet Controller. Configured as 2x 1000BASE-BX and 2x 1000BASE-T ports. Data plane: Intel XL710 Dual 40Gigabit Ethernet Controller. Two 40GBASE-KR4 ports (contact factory for 10GBASE-KX4). Expansion Plane: 2 x8 PCIe from Gen3 switch. Front Panel I/O (air-cooled only): 2x USB 3.0. Mini-DisplayPort. RJ45 1000BASE-T. P6 Backplane I/O: 2x DisplayPort, 4x RS-232/422/485, 2x SATA III, 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 8x GPIO, audio in/out. Trusted Platform Module (TPM): Version 1.2 of Trusted Computing Group (TCG) spec.

Electrical / Mechanical

Form Factor: 6U VPX: 9.187” (233.35mm) x 6.299” (160.0mm). Pitch: 1” pitch (VITA 48.1). VPX Carrier Interface: Compatible VITA 65 module / slot profiles: MOD6-PAY-4F1Q2U2T-12.2.1-15. VITA 46.0 / 46.4 / 46.6. VITA 48.1 / 48.2. FRU EEPROM with temperature monitor. XMC Compliance: Complies with ANSI/VITA 42.0, 42.3, 61.0 specifications for XMC modules with PCI Express interface. PCI Express: Conforms to PCI Express Base Specification, Rev. 3.1. PCIe 8-lane (x8) Gen 3 interface operates at a bus speed of 8 Gbps per lane per direction. Power Requirement: 12V (VS1): 3.5A idle, 6.5A typical, 8A maximum.


Operating Temperature Range: Air-cooled: 0 to 70°C (300 lfm airflow min.). Conduction-cooled: -40 to 85°C. Storage: -40 to 85°C. Relative Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing. Shock: Designed to comply with VITA 47 Class OS1. 30G, 11ms half sine; 50G, 3mS half sine. Vibration: Designed to comply with VITA 47 Class V1. Sinusoidal: 10-500Hz, 5G, 2 Hours/axis. Random: 10-500Hz, 5G-rms, 2 Hours/axis. Certifications: CE compliant. MTBF: Consult factory.

Software Support

Operating Systems: Drivers available for Linux® and Windows®. BIOS: AMI Aptio Skylake Core UEFI BIOS. PXE boot support. Power ON Self-Test (POST): POST codes output to 2-digit LED for debugging.

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    VPX6860: 6U AcroExpress® VPX CPU Air or Conduction-Cooled

    • Intel® Xeon® E3 CPU
    • AcroPack® and XMC I/O slot
    • 32GB DDR4 ECC RAM
    • Dual 40 GbE Ports
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