The XVPX-9756 is a bootable SATA/SAS storage module which supports dual slim SATA drives (SSD) or a single 2.5” drive, either rotating or solid state. The module connects directly to the CPU via SATA signals or by means of PCI Express signals through an on-board controller. Given its connectivity options, the XVPX-9756 is an unequaled VPX bootable storage solution. Please contact the factory for lead solder option.

Performance Specifications

Bus Compliance

VITA 46.0, 46.4, 46.9, 48, 65 MIL Spec 217-F @105.000 Hrs

Form Factor

3U VPXbus 3.94” (100.01mm) x 6.3” (160mm) Front panel for air cooled module is 0.8” per IEEE 1101.10


Operating temperature: Air cooled: -40 to 80°C*,  Conduction cooled: -40 to 85°C**, REDI cover, conduction cooled: -40 to 85°C*** * w/ 200 lfm airflow ** must operate in a fully installed conduction cooled rack *** must operate in a fully installed conduction cooled REDI rack Storage temperature: Air cooled models: -40 to 85°C,  Conduction cooled and REDI models: -40 to 105°C Shock: Operating: 30g peak acceleration, 11ms duration, Non-operating: 50g peak acceleration, 11ms duration Relative humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing Vibration (5Hz-2kHz): Operating: 0.015” (380µm) peak-to-peak displacement, 2.5g max acceleration, Non-operating: 0.030” (760µm) peak-to-peak displacement, 5.0g max acceleration

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    XVPX-9756: 3U VPX bootable SATA/SAS drive module

    • Connect as SATA/SAS drive OR via the PCIe interface
    • Supports dual slim SATA drives or a single 2.5" drive (rotating or solid state)
    • RAID 0/1 configurable with dual slim SATA drives
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