Configuration is fast and easy. First, you select the input range for each channel with simple DIP switches. Then, you set your zero/full-scale output values using the non-interactive increase/decrease toggle switches on the front panel to modify the output signal until the desired output value is read on your voltmeter. The switches make it easy to calibrate a normal (proportional) or reverse-acting (inverse) response in seconds. After setting the desired calibration, you can engage the safety lockout feature on the DIP switch to prevent accidental changes and unauthorized tampering. The 654T provides two independent high-voltage input isolation circuits. Loss of power or a failure on one channel has no effect on the other. The second channel can be used as a built-in spare for reduced downtime should the first channel fail. The spare channel becomes operational by simply moving the wired terminal block over to the vacant channel.

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    654T: Transmitter, Dual DC Voltage Input, Loop-Powered

    • 2 channels, ±625mV, 0-10V DC (selectable ranges) input
    • 4 to 20mA DC output
    • 12-50V DC power from output loop
    • Dual-channel transmitter with push-button calibration
    These units accept DC voltage input signals, provide isolation, and output proportional DC current signals. With two independent I/O channels in a slim package, the 654T is ideal for panel shops and end-users who require a high-density signal conditioner that can cover a broad range of measurement applications.
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