Implementing the TOE fully in hardware, relieves the CPU from TCP/IP overhead and frees it to perform other tasks. The TCP offload removes network bottlenecks to ensure determinism and reliability with low latency, even under high loads. Typical applications include high-speed data storage, image collection/transfer, distributed critical control networks, and board-to-board interfaces. Fully Integrated Network Interface Card With the adoption of 10GbE interfaces and rapidly increasing volumes of data, even the most powerful embedded processors can no longer manage data flow without a significant reduction in performance. To solve this problem, Acromag’s XMC-6280 pairs a high-performance Chelsio T4 purpose-built multi-protocol processor with four channels of 10GbE connectivity. This combination maintains maximum 10GbE performance to meet the needs of data-intensive real-time applications. High Performance Protocol Offload Engine A PCI Express v2.0 ×8 host interface provides a high-speed connection to the system processor. With support for 5Gbps data rates, the PCIe interface delivers up to 32Gbps of bandwidth to the server. This connection accommodates stateless offloads, packet filtering (firewall offload), and traffic shaping (media streaming).

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    XMC-6280: 10-GbE Interface XMC Module

    • TCP offload engine (TOE processor)
    • Quad SFP+ fibre/copper ports
    • PCIe 2.0 x8 host interface
    Acromag’s XMC-6280 provides a 10-gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) interface solution for data-intensive real-time embedded computing systems. Ultra-high performance is achieved using a hardware-based TCP/IP offload engine (TOE processor).
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