Acromag’s XMC610 series provides up to four independent gigabit Ethernet interface ports. Intel’s I350 quad gigabit Ethernet controller delivers high-performance and offers many powerful networking capabilities. Designed for COTS applications, these rugged XMC mezzanine modules offer a high-density, high-performance solution for network interface applications over fiber or copper media. They are ideal for use in defense, aerospace, industrial, and scientific research computing systems.

Performance Specifications


Ethernet interface: Four 1-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. XMC611: Front, four RJ45 ports. Throughput: XMC611 supports 10/100/1000 Mb/s data rate auto-negotiation. PCI Express: PCIe 4-lane (x4) Gen 2.0 interface operates at a bus speed of 5 Gbps per lane per direction.

XMC Compliance

Complies with ANSI/VITA 42.0 specification for XMC module mechanicals and connectors. Complies with ANSI/VITA 42.3 specification for XMC modules with PCI Express interface. Electrical/Mechanical Interface: Single-width module.

Software Support

Linux®, Windows®, and VxWorks® systems Drivers available with support for all NIC functions.


PCIe Interface x4: Complies with VITA 42.3 XMC PCIe Standard. JTAG Interface: Complies with IEEE 1149.1. SFP Interface: Four ports complying with INF-8074i SFP Specification.


Operating temperature: -40 to 85°C. Storage temperature: -55 to 125°C. Relative humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing. Power requirements: 3.3V (±5%): 3.7W typical. All ports active. 5V, 12V: not used. Weight: XMC611: 83.2 g Certifications: CE Compliant

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