These inch-wide Digital Input/Output Modules monitors and/or control up to 12 channels per unit with Profibus-DP network communication. Each unit provides an isolated interface for discrete I/O signals. Outputs provide on/off, high/low, or open/close device control. Inputs sense the level/status of motors, valves and other equipment.

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    981PB, 982PB, 983PB: Profibus-DP 12-Channel Digital I/O

    • Active-Low Inputs, Sinking Outputs
    • 12 input channels, 0 to 35V DC range
    • 12 to 36V DC
    • High-speed RS-485
    These modules provide an isolated Profibus-DP network interface for twelve discrete input and/or output channels. The outputs provide direct on/off, high/low, or open/close control of industrial devices.
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