These models are used to drive resistive loads (sources current). The 4-20mA output signal and DC power share a common lead which is wired directly to the PLC/DCS's internal ground. Acromag's 340i model is ideal for applications requiring multiple isolators at a single location where all isolators share the same power supply. PLCs and DCSs usually have 24V DC power available at their input terminals.

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    TT236: Current/Millivolt Input Two-Wire/Three-Wire Transmitter

    • Multi-range ±20mA or ±500mV input
    • 4-20mA ouput (sink/source)
    • 12-32 V DC loop/local power
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    340i: Isolator; DC-Powered

    • 4 to 20mA DC input
    • 4 to 20mA DC output
    • 10-36V DC power
    • 1500 AC peak isolation prevents ground loops
    • Calibration is independent of the load to eliminate load compensation adjustments
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