Acromag’s microBlox® uB Series I/O signal conditioning modules offer a compact, high-performance solution for interfacing sensors and field devices with data acquisition systems. uB signal conditioning modules are ideal to isolate, filter, convert and amplify a wide variety of signal types for test, measurement and control systems. Just plug uB modules into 4, 8, or 16-channel backpanels in any mix for a high-density analog I/O interface. Channel-to-channel isolation provides optimal noise and surge protection from ground loops, spikes, and high common mode voltages.  

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Acromag's AgilityTM Mobile App allows for wireless data-logging and configuration with our Bluetooth® technology enabled microBlox® uB Modules, allowing you to perform quick and easy field diagnostics and troubleshooting. 

Key Features

  • Wide variety of input and output ranges
  • Mixes with different I/O types on compact 4, 8, or 16 channel backpanels
  • Select fixed I/O range models or wireless technology user-configurable models
  • Cost-saving commercial-grade versions available for less demanding applications
  • Android® and iOS® apps simplify wireless configuration with a smartphone or tablet
  • Mobile app configures I/O ranges, sets scaling, calibrates and performs diagnostics
  • Optional alarm function with setpoint and deadband control driving 0/5V host output
  • Poll and trend I/O values to shareable charts
  • High accuracy, noise immunity, and stability
  • Isolated field-to-host and channel-to-channel (1500Vac peak, 250Vac/354Vdc continuous)
  • Over-molded I/O circuits offer superior shock, vibration, moisture, and dust protection.
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • UL/cUL Class I, Div 2, ABCD and ATEX Zone 2 hazardous location approvals