Convert 0 to 150V AC or 0 to 20A AC input signals to 4-20mA or 0-10V DC outputs for interfacing to controllers or other instrumentation.

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    TT336: Current/milliVolt Input, DC Power Transmitter

    • Multi-range ±20mA or ±500mV input
    • Universal current/voltage output
    • 12-32V DC power
    DC current and voltage output are both supported on a single model. An optional DIN rail bus can deliver primary or redundant power to multiple units without wiring. Click here to watch a short video highlighting the TT330 Series.  
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    DT336: Current / milliVolt Input Four-Wire Dual Transmitter

    • Dual channels
    • ±20mA, ±500mV inputs
    • 0-20mA, ±10V outputs
    • 6-32V DC local/bus power
    The DT336 model is a four-wire dual transmitter that isolates and converts DC current or low voltage inputs to proportional control signals. Each channel supports DC current or voltage output.

    Click here to watch a short video highlighting the features of the DT336.

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    611T, 612T: Single or Dual Channel, DC Voltage/Current Input, DC-Powered Transmitters

    • ±100V DC, 0 to 100mA DC, 0 to 20A AC (with optional sensor) input
    • 0 to 20mA, 0 to 10V DC output
    • 10-36V DC power
    • Universal DC I/O transmitters with auto-configuration and self-ranging capabilities
    These units receive DC current or voltage input signals, provide isolation, and output proportional DC current or voltage signals. With support for universal DC I/O ranges, 610T series transmitters provide a solution for a wide variety of isolation and signal conversion tasks.
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    811T: DC Voltage/Current Input Intelligent Transmitter

    • ±100V or 0 to 22mA DC input ranges (AC current with optional sensor)
    • 0 to 20mA DC, 0 to 10V DC output
    • Mechanical relay alarm (25V @ 5A)
    • 10-36V DC power
    • Software configured, performs linearization, square root extraction, and optional limit alarm functions
    These transmitters isolate and convert sensor inputs to noise-free, proportional DC current or voltage output signals. An optional relay output adds a local limit alarm function.
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