Compare 0-50KHz frequency or 0-65535 pulse input signals against user-defined hi/lo setpoint alarm limits for failsafe relay trip activation.  

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    841T: DC Frequency/Pulse Input Intelligent Transmitter

    • 0 to 50KHz, 0 to 65535 pulses input
    • 0 to 20mA DC, 0 to 10V DC output
    • Mechanical alarm relay (25V @ 5A)
    • 10-36V DC power
    • Software configured; pulse counter; signal averaging; optional limit alarm functions
    These transmitters isolate and convert sensor inputs to noise-free, proportional DC current or voltage output signals. An optional relay output adds a local limit alarm function.
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    942MB: Frequency/Pulse Counter Modbus-RTU Input Modules with Periodic or Pulse Waveform Input

    • 2 input channels, 0 to 50KHz in 3 selectable ranges: Amplitudes up to 140V AC peak, Amplitudes up to 200V peak, Pulse counter range of 0 to 65535
    • Solid-state discrete output relays (1A DC loads), 0 to 48V DC
    • 10 to 36V DC, 24V AC power
    • Modbus-RTU high-speed RS-485
    This signal conditioner is a two-channel analog input module with discrete outputs and Modbus communication. It conditions periodic or pulse waveform inputs and provides solid-state relays for limit alarms or ON/OFF control.
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