Acromag remote I/O modules feature signal conditioners and network I/O  for a broad range of monitoring and control operations where controllers communicate with instrumentation on the plant floor or in the field. Signal Conditioners include signal transmitters, signal isolators, 4-20mA signal splitters, limit alarms and computation modules. These signal conditioners input voltage, current, thermocouple, RTD, frequency, thermistor, load cell, potentiometer, and discrete sensors. These signal conditioners output DC voltage and current, relay, frequency, pulse width modulation and display/readout. Ethernet remote I/O modules communicate via Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus UDP/IP, and Profinet.

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    800C-SIP: IntelliPack Configuration Software

    • Configuration Software
    • USB-to-RS232 Adapter
    • RS232-to-RJ11 Adapter
    • Interface Cable
    Acromag’s configuration software is the key to the IntelliPack’s easy-to-use operation. The software employs the friendly Windows® interface with pull-down selection menus and fill-in-the-blank fields to speed you through a few brief configuration screens. No programming is required.
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    951EN, 952EN: Ethernet Analog and Discrete I/O Modules

    • 4 analog inputs
    • 2 analog output
    • 6 discrete I/O channels
    • Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP
    • i2o peer-to-peer available for Modbus TCP/IP only
    These modules provide an isolated Ethernet network interface for analog and discrete I/O signals. Multi-range analog inputs and outputs support a wide variety of industrial devices. High-resolution, low noise, A/D and D/A converters deliver high accuracy and reliability.
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    An Isolator: USB Isolator

    • USB-powered, USB 2.0 and 1.1 compatible
    • 1500V AC / 2100V DC isolation
    • No drivers required
    This compact, industrial-grade isolator provides a high-voltage isolation barrier between a computer and a connected USB device.    
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    NT2510 and NT2530: Ethernet Multi-Function I/O Modules

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    • 4 analog inputs
    • 2 analog outputs
    • 4 discrete I/O
    • Ethernet I/O plus Expansion I/O
    • Multi-protocol support
    NT2510 modules offer 4 current inputs, 2 current outputs, and 4 discrete I/O channels. NT2530 models have voltage input. NTE Ethernet models provide a network interface to monitor and control I/O signals. Appending NTX expansion models can interface up to 24 analog and 16 discrete I/O on a single IP address. Click here to watch a short video highlighting the features of the BusWorks NT Series.
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    TT234: Potentiometer / Thermistor Input, Two-Wire Transmitter

    • Potentometer / slidewire, thermister input
    • 4 to 20mA output (sink / source)
    • 12-32V DC loop / local power
    • USB configuration
    The TT234 model is a space-saving two-wire transmitter that isolates and converts a resistive sensor input to a proportional 4-20mA signal. Power is received from the output loop current or a DC supply when using a three-wire connection. Click here to watch a short AcroMaggie video highlighting the TT230 Series.
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Signal Conditioning Selection Guide Videos

Welcome to our Signal Conditioning Selection Guide Videos. As a business with many helpful products to offer, we know it can be difficult to find which one you need. This quick selection guide should help point you in the right direction. Choose which video corresponds to your power needs, and the guide will show you which Acromag modules will work with your input.

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