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    APCe8675: Non-intelligent carrier card

    • 8-lane PCI Express interface
    • Holds one XMC module
    The APCe8675 is a PCIe bus adapter board that allows a PC (PCIe bus master) to control and communicate with the hosted XMC module. It simply acts as an adapter to route signals between the system’s PCIe bus and the XMC module connector.
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    APCe8775: PCI Express Carrier Card for XMC Modules

    • One XMC mezzanine module slot
    • 3/4-length
    • Non-Intelligent carrier card
    • PCIe x8 interface
    Acromag’s APCe8775 carrier card interfaces an XMC mezzanine module to a PCI Express bus in a PC-based desktop computer system.
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