PCI I/O Boards and Cards

Acromag PCI I/O boards are well-suited for COTS projects, with many models available for a variety of analog and digital I/O functions. Our embedded PCI I/O products offer an unmatched balance of performance, features, and price for the best value.

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    Termination Products

    • DIN rail-mount panels
    • 50 screw terminals on 50-pin connector termination panels
    • 50 screw terminals on SCSI-2 connector termination panels
    • 68 screw terminals on SCSI-3 connector termination panels
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    Transition Modules

    • Various transition modules
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PCI I/O Boards and PCI I/O Cards - More Information

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Our PCI boards and PCI cards are based on technology and circuit designs with time-tested reliability in thousands of installations. Great effort goes into selecting high-performance parts to withstand the demands of military, aerospace, and manufacturing applications.

PCI digital I/O cards, analog I/O cards, multi-function I/O cards and counter/timer I/O cards are available. Most PCI boards and PCI I/O cards are available with extended temperature ranges for reliable operation in harsh environments.

Acromag products are also designed for the long life cycles required for OEM and defense projects.