Industry Pack I/O Modules

These Industry Pack boards interface TTL, on/off, hi/lo logic levels to an embedded computer system. Use these mezzanine boards on VME, Compact PCI, PCI, or PCI Express computer systems. Looking to modernize your system? The new AcroPack® product line updates our popular Industry Pack I/O modules by using the mPCIe interface format. We added 19mm and a 100 pin connector to provide up to 50 isolated rear I/O signals, giving you a tremendous amount of capability on an Extremely Small Footprint - Without Cabling!  

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    IP400: Digital Input Module, High Voltage Inputs

    • 40 input channels
    • 0-60V DC input range
    • Change-of-state/level interrupts (up to 12 channels)
    The IP400 can monitor the on/off (high/low) status of up to 40 devices.
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    IP405: Digital Output Module, High Voltage Outputs

    • 40 low-side switch output channels
    • 0-60V DC output range
    • High output current (up to 1A per channel)
    The IP405 controls up to 40 low-side switches (open-drain MOSFETs).    
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    IP408: Digital Input/Output Module, High Voltage I/O

    • 32 bi-directional digital input and/or output channels
    • 0-60V DC input and output range
    • Low-side output switches
    • Outputs sink up to 1A per channel
    • Change-of-state and level interrupts (up to 8 channels)
    The IP408 monitors or controls the on/off (high/low) status of up to 32 devices. Each channel can be used as an input or output.
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    IP409: Digital Input/Output Module, Differential I/O

    • 24 differential digital input and/or output channels
    • Ruggedized RS-422A/485 transceivers
    • Interrupt support on all channels (change-of-state and high or low level transition)
    The IP409 provides 24 differential I/O channels with interrupts. Each channel is programmable as an input or an output on a bit basis, in any combination.
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    IP440A: Digital Input Module, Isolated

    • 32 port-isolated input channels
    • ±60V AC/DC input (three ranges)
    • Interrupt support for each channel
    IP440A Industrial I/O Pack (IP) modules provide 32 optically isolated inputs to safely monitor a wide range of digital input voltage levels.
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    IP445A: Digital Output Module, Isolated

    • 32 port-isolated output channels (bipolar solid state relays)
    • ±60V AC/DC output
    • High/low-side switch configuration
    IP445A modules provide 32 isolated solid-state relay outputs to safely control discrete devices.
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    IP470A: Digital Output Module, TTL Level

    • 48 bi-directional input/output channels
    • TTL-compatible inputs
    • CMOS-compatible open-drain outputs
    • Interrupt support for each channel
    IP470A Industrial I/O Pack (IP) modules provide 48 general-purpose, bidirectional I/O points to economically monitor and control a large quantity of digital devices.
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