These boards hold Industry Pack or PMC mezzanine modules to interface I/O signals to a PCI computer system. The APC862x cards are a personal computer Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus card and is a carrier for the Industrial I/O Pack (IP) mezzanine board field I/O modules. The carrier board provides a modular approach to system assembly, since each carrier can be populated with any combination of analog input/output, digital input/output, communication, etc. IP modules. Thus, the user can create a board which is customized to the application. This saves money and space - a single carrier board populated with IP modules may replace several dedicated function PCI bus boards. The non-intelligent carrier board provides impressive functionality at low cost. The APC-PMC is a PCI bus PMC module carrier designed for the 32-bit PCI bus. The carrier enables the use of PCI mezzanine I/O modules in a standard PCI computer system. The carrier card acts as an adapter to route PCI bus signals between the PCI bus of your PC and the J1 and J2 connectors of a PMC module card.