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    VPX4521: VPX Carrier Card for AcroPack® Modules

    • PCIe x16 Gen 3 interface via Data plane
    • One XMC and Four AcroPack slots
    • 6U form factor
    The VPX4521 is a member of a 6U OpenVPX mezzanine carrier card family that supports a simple and cost-effective solution for interfacing XMC or AcroPack modules to OpenVPX computer systems. Click here to watch a short AcroMaggie video highlighting the VPX4521 features.    
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    XMCAP2000: XMC Carrier Card for AcroPack® Modules

    • Two AcroPack or mini-PCIe mezzanine module slots
    • Non-Intelligent carrier card
    • PCIe x4 interface
    This board interfaces two AcroPack mezzanine modules to a PCI Express bus on an air-cooled XMC carrier. Two AcroPack module slots give you the freedom to mix a variety of I/O functions (A/D, D/A, digital in, digital out, serial I/O, etc.) on a single board.  
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