VPX carrier cards for AcroPack modules feature in 3U or 6U form factor. Both air-cooled and conduction-cooled options with up to four expansion slots for AcroPack modules.

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    VPX4500: VPX Carrier Cards for AcroPack® Modules

    • Air-cooled and conduction-cooled options
    • 3U format
    • Three AcroPack slots
    • PCIe Gen 1 interface
    The VPX4500 is a 3U VPX carrier for Acromag AcroPack mezzanine board modules. The carrier board provides a modular approach to system assembly since each carrier can be populated with any combination of analog input/output, digital input/output, communication, AP modules. The modularity allows the user to create a board which is customized to the application.      
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    VPX4520: VPX Carrier Card for AcroPack® Modules

    • PCIe x16 Gen 3 interface via Expansion plane
    • One XMC and Four AcroPack slots
    • 6U form factor
    The VPX4520 carrier card provides a simple and cost-effective solution for interfacing one XMC and four AcroPack modules to a VPX computer system. Click here to watch a short AcroMaggie video highlighting the VPX4520 features.  
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    VPX4521: VPX Carrier Card for AcroPack® Modules

    • PCIe x16 Gen 3 interface via Data plane
    • One XMC and Four AcroPack slots
    • 6U form factor
    The VPX4521 is a member of a 6U OpenVPX mezzanine carrier card family that supports a simple and cost-effective solution for interfacing XMC or AcroPack modules to OpenVPX computer systems. Click here to watch a short AcroMaggie video highlighting the VPX4521 features.    
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    VPX4812A / VPX4814A: VPX Carrier Cards for XMC Modules

    • Air-cooled, conduction-cooled and REDI versions
    • 3U Single XMC slot
    • PCIe x8 Gen 2 interface
    The VPX4812A can be used as a VPX switch card allowing a host CPU to communicate with up to 3 downstream cards in addition to the XMC card. Each VPX port can be configured to be x4 or x8. The VPX4814A is a peripheral XMC carrier board designed to be used in a system that uses a VPX AcroExpress® CPU.  
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AcroPack Series - Continued

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AcroPack Mini PCIe-Based Mezzanine Modules

Acromag’s new state-of-the-art AcroPack® mPCIe-based rugged mezzanine modules deliver maximum I/O density when used with AcroPack carrier cards for CompactPCI® Serial, Mini-ITX Com Express Type 10, PCIe, XMC or VPX-based systems. Mix-and-match different AcroPack module types on one carrier for custom applications. 

Download a pdf brochure that features all AcroPack models.

AcroPack Advantages and Features

  • A/D, D/A, Ethernet, counter/timers, communication (Ethernet, serial, MIL-STD-1553), digital I/O and FPGA functions
  • CompactPCI® Serial, Mini-ITX Com Express Type 10, PCIe, XMC or VPX carriers
  • Low-power consumption
  • -40 to 70°C standard operating temperature

Watch a short video explaining the benefits of the AcroPack Series

Designed for COTS Applications

Designed for COTS applications these general purpose I/O modules deliver high-speed and high-resolution A/D and D/A, digital I/O, Ethernet, MIL-STD-1553, serial communication, and re-configurable FPGA functions. Utilizing all solid-state components, these modules consume very little power and are designed to perform in commercial as well as extreme environments from -40 to 85 deg.C for conduction-cooled applications.

To further simplify the integration of AcroPack mezzanine modules into your host system, they maintain the same functionality and memory map of Acromag’s existing Industry Pack (IP) modules.

Acromag provides software support packages for embedded applications running on Linux, Windows, or VxWorks operating systems. These libraries provide generic routines to handle reads, writes, interrupts, and other functions. Demonstration programs enable the developer to quickly exercise the I/O modules before attaching the routines to the application program. This diagnostic tool can save hours of troubleshooting and debugging.

These modules feature a solid down connector I/O interface that replaces flimsy ribbon I/O cables. Watch a video demonstrating this. 

The COTS product line of AcroPacks are RoHS compliant and are ideal for scientific development labs, military and aerospace applications, the defense industry, and automation applications.

Because We Know I/O

Because We Know I/O

Doing business with Acromag means you can count on our 60+ years of industry knowledge when choosing your supplier. A global network of sales professionals gives you local access to friendly, highly trained support specialists. At the US factory, we guarantee support with a real person within one business day.