The Embedded Computing and I/O Solutions division is focused on high-performance processors, FPGA boards, and I/O products for applications that demand rugged high-performance precise operation.

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    XMC610: Quad-port Gigabit Ethernet XMC NIC Card

    • Quad RJ45, SFP, or rear ports
    • Intel® I350 Controller
    • Conduction-cooled version available
    Acromag’s XMC610 series provides up to four independent gigabit Ethernet interface ports. Different models feature RJ45, SFP, or rear connectors with conduction cooling support. Intel’s I350 quad gigabit Ethernet controller delivers high-performance and offers many powerful networking capabilities. Click here to watch a short video highlighting the XMC610 Series.
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Embedded I/O Processing Solutions

Acromag’s embedded I/O boards and mezzanine modules are ideal for embedded computer and high-performance control systems. Select from VPX, PCI, CompactPCI, VME, mini PCIe-based AcroPack®, Industry Pack, VPX, XMC and PMC cards to perform a broad range of analog, digital, counter/timer I/O and serial and Ethernet communication functions.

Mini PCIe-based AcroPack®, Industry Pack, VPX, XMC and PMC mezzanine embedded I/O modules plug into VPX, PCI, PCIe, CompactPCI, and other carrier cards to perform A/D, D/A, DIO, counter/timer, communication and other functions.

Acromag embedded I/O boards offer an unmatched balance of features, performance, and price for the best values in embedded I/O. These boards are based on technology and circuit designs with time-tested reliability in thousands of installations.

Real-Time Control Systems