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High-density COM Express Solutions: ARCX1100

ARCX1100: Built on a COM Express Type 10 Platform Featuring the ACEX4040 Carrier Card Typical applications of this high-density COM express embedded computer include deployable systems such as vetronics, C4ISR, payload management, as well as command and control for drones and robotics. The ACEX4040 carrier cards feature an Intel® Atom Processor and the ability to…

Signal Conditioning & Network I/O

Medium DC V Input, 2-Wire Dual Channel Transmitter

DT237 Video: Medium DC Voltage Input, Two-Wire Dual Channel Transmitter The DT237 medium DC voltage transmitter isolates and converts high-level DC voltage inputs to a proportional 4-20mA control signal. Power is received from the output loop current or a DC supply when using a three-wire connection. High-voltage isolation separates all input and output circuits from…

Signal Conditioning & Network I/O

High DC Voltage Input 4-Wire Dual Channel Transmitter

DT338 Video: High DC Voltage Input, Four-Wire Dual Channel Transmitter The DT338 model is a four-wire dual channel transmitter that isolates and converts high-level DC voltage inputs to proportional control signals. Each channel supports DC current or voltage output. Advanced signal processing capabilities, variable range input/output, and convenient USB programming make this instrument very versatile….

Signal Conditioning & Network I/O

Programmable Dual-Channel Transmitters: DT Series Video

The DT Series are space-saving, programmable, dual-channel transmitters for signal conditioning of temperature, voltage, current, and resistance sensor inputs. Click on the video below to learn more about the highlights of this series in brief. These modules have two independent signal conditioning channels in one 17.5mm wide unit; therefore, you can achieve significant savings compared…

Signal Conditioning & Network I/O

RTD/Resistance Input 4-wire Dual Transmitters: DT335 Video

The DT330 series signal conditioners provide two independent I/O channels in a single, space-saving unit. The DT335 module is a four-wire dual transmitter that isolates and converts RTD or linear resistance sensor inputs to proportional control signals. Each channel supports DC current or voltage output. Additionally, an optional DIN rail bus can deliver primary or…

Technical Applications Blog

Custom Fire Suppression System for New Stadium: Acromag Case Study

Challenge: Develop a custom engineered fire suppression system for a new indoor football stadium. Regulations require protection against fire hazards which could occur during monster truck rallies or other events that may have flammable material on the stadium floor area. Solution: Akron Brass StreamMaster II Electric Fire Monitors (water cannons) with Style 5177 nozzles (1250…