I/O Modules with Modbus RTU Communication

Acromag’s BusWorks 900MB Series is a high-performance collection of analog and discrete I/O modules with Modbus-RTU network communication. These units feature universal input/output ranges and an intelligent microcontroller to provide extreme flexibility and powerful monitoring and control capabilities. BusWorks modules are ideal for a wide variety of distributed I/O applications including data acquisition, control, process monitoring, and test & measurement.

Modbus RTU Analog I/O
Multi-channel units with flexible I/O ranges provide an isolated network interface for voltage, current, and temperature sensor signals or for non-networked controller signals. High-resolution, low noise, A/D converters deliver high accuracy and reliability.


Modbus RTU Digital I/O
Monitor 12 signal per unit with digital input models. These units provide an isolated network interface for discrete logic-level devices with active-high or low inputs. Inputs monitor on/off, high/low, or open/close status of motors, pumps, valves, heaters, fans, and other industrial equipment.
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Modbus RTU RS-485 Repeater
Acromag’s RS-485 network repeater device allows users to take full advantage of the RS-485 standard’s extended communication distances and multi-dropping capabilities.
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Modbus RTU Software Support
For fast and easy implementation, Acromag offers a variety of utilities and controls to speed development with OPC, Visual Basic, Visual C, and .NET environments.
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Modbus RTU Accessories
Select from an assortment of power supplies, adapters, cables, and mounting kits to simplify installation.