EtherStax® Series for High Channel-count Applications

EtherStax high-density I/O blocks are designed for high-reliability operation and process up to 96 I/O channels on a single, vertically-stackable unit. Each I/O block has redundant Modbus TCP/IP network and power ports to ensure dependable operation. Rugged, aluminum enclosures protect against shock and vibration. For OEM systems, or those that require specialized housings, a lower-cost open circuit board version without the enclosure is also available. Etherstax are ideal for a broad range of measurement and control applications.

Rugged, Industrial-Grade Design
Etherstax are designed for high-reliability operation. Units feature an extended operating temperature range, 3-way isolation and surge protection. The I/O circuitry has over-temperature, over-voltage, and over-current protection. Redundant communication paths and DC power help prevent downtime on critital applications. If network communication is lost, outputs fail safely and a relay provides local alarming or shutdown functions.

i2o® Peer-to-Peer Communication
Input channels on one unit can write directly to output channels on another unit without a host controller in between.

EtherStax® Series for High Channel-count Applications