Dual Channel Transmitters Reduce Costs and Save Space

These signal transmitters offer a low cost and space efficient solution for multi-channel applications.  Its multiple-input range and tandem output voltage/current support, coupled with full input and output scalability allows you to stock fewer unique models at a lower cost.

These transmitters interface sensors to controllers or recorders in batch or continuous manufacturing processes for production of chemicals, food, metals, and other materials.

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DT Wiring Diagram

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Signal Transmitters Benefits

  • With two independent signal conditioning channels in a 17.5mm wide module, you can achieve significant savings compared to using multiple single-channel transmitter units.
  • A signal splitter mode lets one input drive both outputs. Loop-powered 2-wire and externally powered (7-32V DC) and 4-wire versions are available.
  • A USB port simplifies setup on a PC with Windows software or on an Android mobile device using Acromag’s Agilityapp.
  • Hazardous location approvals, high noise immunity, and a wide operating temperature range make DT transmitters ideal for use in harsh environments.
  • USB-programmable (allows easy selection of options that is not possible with pots or jumpers)
  • Supports sink/source wiring
  • -40 to 70° C operation
  • Hazloc approvals UL C1D2, ATEX/IECEx Zone2
Signal Transmitters Benefits

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Acromag Agility™ Config Tool Mobile Application

The Agility™ Config tool is a mobile application that allows easy setup and configuration of Acromag DT and TT Series signal transmitters and SP Series signal splitters via a tethered mobile device.

This free app is available for Android devices at the Google Play store at
Acromag Agility™ Config Tool.

Demo the software, no need for a module. To enter demo mode simply tap the icon with the triangles in the upper left corner 8 times.

Acromag Agility App on tablet and phone

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Dual Channel Signal Transmitters – DT Series Models:

Two-Wire Signal Transmitters

  • DT233: Thermocouple/millivolt Input
  • DT235: RTD/Resistance Input
  • DT236: Current / millivolt Input
  • DT237: Medium DC Voltage Input
  • DT238: High DC Voltage Input

Four-Wire Signal Transmitters

  • DT335: RTD/Resistance Input
  • DT336: Current / millivolt Input
  • DT337: Medium DC Voltage Input
  • DT338: High DC Voltage Input

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Because We Know I/O

Because We Know I/O

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