Technology Videos

Learn about FPGA Zync UltraScale+ Webcast

APZU series modules provide a programmable Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+™ multiprocessor system on a chip (MPSoC). This MPSoC combines a feature-rich ARM-based processing system and programmable logic in a single device. The AcroPack® APZU mini PCIe FPGA series is the smallest, most economical platform to host a Zynq MPSoC FPGA computing device. Designers can increase overall…

Learn about FPGAs and Vivado Webcast

Learn about FPGA Design Modification using Vivado & Acromag tools. Topics covered: Vivado 2019.2 Acromag Example Design Compile Project Produce new MCS file This is part two of a three-part series about FPGAs and how to use them. View the FPGA collection from Acromag.

Learn about FPGAs and Their Applications Webcast

Learn about FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) and their use in the embedded space. Topics in this webcast include: What FPGAs are and what applications best suit them. Coding methods. Processing types. This video is part one of a three-part series discussing the use of FPGAs and their applications. View the FPGA collection from Acromag.

Learn Key Considerations When Migrating From VME to VPX or PCIe Webcast

In this webcast several important topics are covered for migrating from VME to VPX or PCIe. This includes the advantages and disadvantages of VME architecture, general key considerations, and an overview of migration to PCIe or VPX (advantages, disadvantages, complexity, performance and cost).